It’s getting better and better…

WordPress has been growing from a small tool 17 years ago to power nearly half of the internet. We have been using WordPress as our main content management system for some years now, but lately it became more powerful than ever before. I would love to share my most loved plugins and themes with you.  As a marketing agency from Vienna we specialize on content marketing and companies online Brand Identity.


Divi by elegant themes 

The Dream of any Web designer


Divi Theme in action

Probably the best WordPress Theme you can start with and create beautiful and user-friendly websites/shops with.

What makes Divi so great?


👍    The best Frontend-Builder you will find. Especially if you use Figma to lay out your designs it’s little effort to get your design alive.
👍    Theme Builder helps you create individual styles for any of your content types. You can create 404 pages as well as use it for mega menus.
👍    Easy to add any kind of code
👍    User Role Management
👍    The Drag and Drop Builder can be used standalone with any kind of theme

Let’s talk about what is not that great when using Divi or any kind of Page Buider.

👎    Slow? Or at least it is more work to get your page to load fast but if you just use a caching Plugin (e.g. WP Rocket)  you won’t have a problem.
👎   It’s really hard to change to a different theme / Page Builder


Matomo Analytics

100% Data Ownership

Heatmap Matomo

Many worry that some day their data could end up in the wrong hands. Matomo can be hosted within your WordPress installation and is designed with privacy in mind. It offers nearly all the features you are used to from G-Analytics at an (self-hosted starts free) affordable price point.If you go with the Cloud Version all the data is hosted in Europe and you keep 100% Ownership.


Formidable Forms

The best way to create forms of any nature


formidableforms WordPress Plugin

This year we needed to create so many custom forms that the free plugins couldn’t do the job anymore and we came across Formidable Forms. It’s a great tool to create any kind of form really quickly. (You can use this form WordPress plugin to create calculators, registration, surveys and even payment forms.)


👍    Super easy Drag and Drop Builder
👍    Easily to integrate with any theme or website
👍    Survey data can be analyzed
👍    Zapier integration for marketing automation (You can create leads into your CRM of choice, get notifications and even create invoices)

👎    The only negative thing I could mention is the pricing. I really don’t like yearly plans. I am happy to pay more for a lifetime license.


Complianz Privacy Suite

The easiest way to be be DSGVO(GDPR) ready


Complianz Privacy Suite

It was always such a hustle getting our customers Website 100% compliant with regulations because most systems weren’t setup with these things in mind. Complianz Privacy Suite makes this process as easy as it gets.


👍    Automatically creating the necessary legal pages
👍    Easy customizable cookie notice (including a cookie scanner to keep your cookie page up to date)
👍    Uses a record of consent
👍    Integrates placeholders before consent is given
👍    It’s really cheap (try to get your page ready for under €39)


There is really nothing negative I could say about using the plugin on more than 20 pages.

Meta Box

The quick way to get custom post types and fields


Meta Box

Wow I did not expect Meta Box to be the best custom post types/fields plugin I have ever used. I found out that Meta Box includes a relations add-on which makes it easy to create many-to-many relationships between post types, users and terms.

The Meta Box Landing page says: “The sleepless nights of endless coding are over.” and those words speak to my heart. 

👍    Easy to set up
👍    Good UI to build post types and fields
👍    40+ field types to get all the custom fields you could think of (honestly I have not used all of them yet)
👍    It’s really fast and lightweight
👍    You can create frontend view and shortcodes
👍    REST API integration


Not really a WordPress plugin but the holy grail of SEO



I have been using Semrush, Ubersuggest and AHREFS for some time now but Semrush has become my favorite. Ubersuggest is the cheap alternative for anyone starting out but the content management platform of Semrush has become one of my favorite tools.

👍    All the features you would expect from it: Keyword Research, On Page SEO and Rank Tracking and so many others I can’t count.
👍    Easy to use

The only problem I have is the price but if you are not ready to pay 200-300$ a month yet try Ubersuggest.


Really Fast Web Hosting on a Tight Budget



I have been a customer of Lima-City since 2013 puuh that’s crazy. It has been 8 years already. Lima-City has been my favorite hosting provider. They have everything you need.

All of their servers run on SSDs, unlimited traffic, 99,9% uptime but it has been better than that, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, Cronjobs, SSH and reliable Email. Their plans start at €3,5 a month, but that’s already including a “free” domain.  12*3,5 = €42 a year but if you deduct the domain (around 15-20 Euro) you only pay about 20-25 Euro for reliable hosting.

PS: The best deal actually is the €10 a month plan including 5 domains that’s only 120 Euro per year for domains and hosting worth around €220.

👍    Cheap
👍    Reliable
👍    Free SSL
👍    Easy Install WordPress
👍    Good Email hosting


Best Hosting on a Bigger Budget


Kinsta Hosting

If you want the best and aren’t really on a tight budget Kinsta has become my favorite. The hosting is running on the Google Cloud Platform, so you can be sure you won’t be offline any time soon.

The great thing is you will never have resource problems because Kinsta is calculating their prices by visits (IP based). 

👍    Super Secure
👍    Super Fast
👍    All the features you could need

But then there is the price the plans start around €30 a month and this will be the right plan for many people. (25k IPs)  

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